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Women and children in prison - Mexico

In Mexico, more than 300 young children live with their mothers in prison.

The conditions of incarceration are extremely difficult, and the Mexican justice system provides no support or facilities to the young mothers and their children.

Once out of prison, the system provides no help for the ex-inmates to restart their lives and avoid to get back on the wrong path which lead them to being incarcerated in the first place. Reinserta is the first organization in Mexico to raise their voice to help this young people and to give them another chance to readapt to society in a positive way. 

Our action

NSO Mexico will visit a prison to spend time with the mothers and children, as well as supporting Reinserta in their actions via a donation.

Bee the change you want to see!

We can only do as much as our network of volunteers, donators and fundraisers is willing to do to support people in needs around us